LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

The first hole at the Kalhaar Blues & Greens will give you a taste of the challenges in store on this course. This hole is a 423 yard, dogleg right Par 4. Off the tee a line of bunkers on the right guard the shortest route to the green. The ideal line is left of the bunkers as that gives you a clear line of sight to the green. A driver is the ideal club as distance here will help. If you drive in line with & short of the bunkers, you will have a blind shot to the green. If you drive very long you can take on the bunkers & carrying them definitely will give you a birdie chance. The fairway drops sharply & runs down towards the green after the bunkers. The green slopes sharply from back to front & is very wide. A massive bunker guards the front centre & right of the green. Downhill putts on this hole can be very trying.

HINT: A good drive on this hole is key. If your drive is not ideal, lay up on your second shot to the green.
  • Black (M) 423
  • Blue (M) 400
  • White (M) 376
  • White (W) 376
  • Red (W) 300